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Simplifying the booking process

Put the power of making bookings in the hands of your customers but ensure that Council still has control over the booking process. A simple three (3) step process will allow your customers to search for venues, refine their requirements and submit and/or pay for their bookings. One simple process for all of Council venue and facility bookings.


Search across all venues and facilities

Let your customers search across all off Councils venues and facilities and filter results by date, type of venue, supported activity or venue attributes. Map these results and provide additional details like contact details, hours of operation, photos and associated documents. All this information at their fingertips.


See if its available

Provide high-level availability across each venue with drill down to detailed availability to each bookable space in daily, weekly and monthly view.


Ensure the correct pricing, take payments now or later

Automate hire fees, bonds and any additional costs based on configurable pricing options to ensure that the customer get the right price, first time. Take payment at the time of booking or get Bookable to automatically issue invoices based on multiple payment trigger points.


Automate communications

Let Bookable take care of keeping your customers up-to-date with the progress of their booking. Bookable automates communications through email and SMS channels throughout the lifecycle of a booking.


Customer self-service

Allow your customers to manage and maintain all their bookings through online self service capability. From adding or updating dates, times or additional items to a booking, making payments or cancelling a future booking, Bookable’s online self-service allows Council’s customers to manage their bookings 24/7.


Put the power for making bookings in the hands of your customers but still within the control of Council. Bookable’s online booking process delivers simplicity for Council’s customers, efficiency for Council staff and benefits across the board.


Simplify the booking process

Allow customers to search across all of Council’s venues and facilities, make, manage and pay for bookings, all with the control of Council.

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