Bookable Bookings

Support for All of Council’s Bookable Spaces and Items

Bookable’s Bookings module has been built for the sole purpose of helping Councils get their bookable venues, facilities and items online. With over 55 Councils using Bookable, we offer the most comprehensive range of Council-specific features so our customers can make their venues and facilities easy for their customers to find and book.


Simple online customer experience

Online customer experience for your customers out of the box.

We handle any type of booking from single date bookings, multiple date and item repeat bookings, seasonal bookings and expressions of interest processes.

Full self-service capability means your customers can also manage their bookings online, all within the rules set by Council.


Supports anything that can be booked

Our customers use Bookable for a wide range of online bookings from community centres and halls, parks and gardens, sporting fields to overnight accommodation venues and more.

The flexible venue structure allows customers to also book one-off items from community buses, marquees to cat traps and beach wheelchairs.

Bookable becomes the central repository for all bookable spaces and items across Council.


Automated pricing and invoicing

Fully automate even the most complex pricing structures to allow your users to make and manage their bookings online and be sure they are always getting the correct price.

No more manual invoicing as Bookable automates all invoicing based on Council’s defined payment terms.


Keyless Remote Access

Bookable integrates with the leading remote access control systems to provide your hirers access to your venues via a pin code.

Say goodbye to key registers and key bonds. Enhance your customers experience through online booking and remote venue access.


Restricted and Internal Only Venues

Bookable’s security model allows Council to define “Restricted Venues” to allow only certain customers to be able to book. For example, provide access to just your funeral directors to book memorials and burials at Council managed Cemeteries.

Extend this to manage bookings at internal only venues and bookable spaces/items like internal meeting rooms or pool cars.

Enterprise Reporting
Bookable Platform

Enterprise Reporting

Through utilisation of Microsoft PowerBI, Bookable dashboards and reports provide a series of standard reports across booking, event ticketing and financial information managed within Bookable. Reports include:

  • Booking and revenue details
  • Venue and bookable space utilisation
  • Transaction, bonds and aged debtors

Councils can extend the standard reports and configure their own reports through a provided data model using Microsoft PowerBI.