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Deeply integrated solution

Most SaaS solutions provide little or no integration with Council’s corporate systems and services or are costly to setup and maintain. This typically results in additional manual effort from Council staff, outdated data and multiple sources of truth. Bookable becomes part of Councils IT ecosystem to deliver a deeply integrated solution, driving not just an improved customer experience but improvements in internal processes and efficiencies.


Finance systems and general ledger

Deliver full financial management and simplify bank reconciliation through integration with Council’s finance system. Council’s finance staff will have full visibility and auditability of its financial position relating to venue bookings within Council’s finance system.


Payment gateway

Capture payments directly into Council’s bank through integration with Council’s payment gateway. No payments are stored in our bank, no percentage of the transaction is taken, all payments come directly to Council, in full. Leverage this integration to simplify refunds for credit card payments, directly back the customers credit card.


Email and SMS services

Configure and manage automatic, and manual, email and SMS communications within Bookable and leverage Council’s SMTP and email services to send, and receive, communications. Capture replies to outbound email communications directly within Bookable centralising all communications with the customer.


Remote access and keyless entry

Remove the need for customers having to pick up keys, swipe cards or fobs and for Council to manage key registers and key bonds. Bookable provides integration with leading remote access and keyless entry providers ensure customers can only get access to Council’s venues only for their confirmed booking times.


Azure AD and single sign-on

Simplify internal staff onboarding and access through Bookable’s integration with Council’s Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).


Secure access and identity management

Provide multi-factor authentication for registered users as well as integration with 3rd party identify management solutions to deliver secure and scalable solutions for Council’s customers and stakeholders.


In conclusion, a deeply integrated booking solution drives internal efficiencies through removing manual processing and double handling of data.

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Drive internal efficiencies with a deeply integrated SaaS solution that is part of your IT Ecosystem.

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